How True!

I am a pony lover through and through! They were my 1st passion and will always be top of my Christmas list no matter how old I get!! (not that I have ever been lucky enough to get one for Christmas)


This last year I have be extremely luck to have been sponsored by Fly Away and Groom Away products. Their products are all natural and have been a fantastic addition to my grooming box! Not only have Fly Away provided me and my horse with some fantastic products, they have also been extremely supportive  of…

Eat Sleep Ride Repeat!

I think this just about sums up where I am at with Winter! As a horse owner you will also feel the pain of winter. We must be a different breed of human altogether! How many people would get up in the dark, cold and wet to tend to an animal before a full day at work,…


So this is my first Blog! Scary stuff, so please bare with me will I get into it. I’m looking forward to sharing my horsey experiences and knowledge with you as well as reviewing products and new technologies within the equine industry.